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I got a color matching problem on my car?

I had a pebble chip on the rear door, a guy told me that it could be fixed and that “all it would take was a little retouch”

He resprayed a portion of the upper part of the door, when I first saw it, it looked perfect.

Now I realize the huge color difference between the front door and the part that has been resprayed on the rear door, which happens to be right next to the front door.

To make things even worse, the front door’s paint isnt original, it is already a little different from the original car color although it is impossible to notice.

How can I solve this? it was only a pebble chip, but because of that incompetent guy it is now an ocd nightmare.

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  • Erik
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    3 weeks ago

    you already asked this    

  • 3 weeks ago

    The word you don't know you are looking for is BLENDING. It is never possible to get an exact match. Professionals don't even try.

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