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What will the long term effects of the Coronavirus epidemic be for the world as a whole?

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    They'll be rather extreme actually. Many employers have realized that they can get by with minimal staff. They've come to see that they can downsize and force those who aren't made redundant to pick up extra tasks for no extra pay because people are happy to continue having a job. 

    In some instances, employers have been forced to recognize that some workers don't actually need to be on site to do their jobs, so it's likely to lead to an increase in telecommuting, which could be both good and bad in the long term. Good in the sense that people won't need to have to pay for transportation to and from work - so they'll have some extra time on their hands, but bad in the sense that it's likely that the pay for certain jobs will decrease when employers capitalize on the fact that people have that extra time and don't need to pay for transportation. It might also affect the quality of the service the customers get. 

    Of course, the economic impact will be severe. Many countries have allotted benefit packages to their citizens - in the US alone about 20 million people have lost their jobs between January and the time of this writing. The stimulus bills that ave passed through will help in the short term, but eventually that money will have to go back into the tills and governments will see an increase in taxes as the only way to do that, so it's a given that people will be paying increased taxes on the same - or lesser wages, for some time. 

    The most frightening aspect is that if something like this should happen again in the future a terrible precedent has been set. People will be less likely to comply with regulations and less concerned with the public good than they are about how lockdowns and closures will affect them personally. We can easily see how certain societies have handled the current crisis - people have come together as one, obeyed the rules and regulations that their governments have handed down, and suffered for the greater good, but in other situations people have constantly railed and rebelled against all attempts to curb the spread. The schism between more urban and rural municipalities and areas has been forever widened. People in more suburban and rural areas resent having to follow the same rules and regulations that people in major cities have been forced to follow, and of course in many cases they are justified in feeling that some of the measures constitute overkill. 

    If we were to look at this as a test for humanity, we'd clearly see that we have as a species - failed. Miserably so. Imagine if the mortality rate had been higher... You have people everywhere claiming that they don't need to wear masks in public, that businesses and parks shouldn't be closed just because a fraction of the population happens to be sick. If the Black Death had materialized instead of the Coronavirus, we'd be looking at losing a significant portion of the population, mostly because people are so selfish and stubborn. We didn't do a good job as a species and we don't have anything to be optimistic about as we move into the future. At all.  

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    It is too early to say. No one knows how long it will last and whether or not there will be a second wave. This question will only be answerable when it has been over for some time and it is viewed as a historical tragedy.

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