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If women didn’t like you in their hay day, why do they expect you to want them at 40?

Doesn’t that seem, .....shallow on their part? Then they call YOU shallow for wanting beauty and hotness from a women which women have in their youth years. A mans biology is sparked by visual stimuli   

If I had nothing to offer them in their youth, why do they expect you to have something to offer them if they give you a chance when o both 40?

Doesn’t make sense. 

Sure a young woman won’t know the song lyrics to Iron Maiden and she probably wasn’t even born when terminator 2 was released. 

But that time has passed for both parties. 

Now if you were me and I am 39 and NEVER had a gf due to family dysfunctional upbringing and other litigating circumstances, but just like Dallas in A L I EN, there are fates worse than mine such as being glued to a wall and turning into an egg. 

I know I come on here and speak of this subject a lot because it’s like taking vitamins. 

Before the world ended, I used to glanced from girls I consider out of my league. Some tried to speak to me but I didn’t think it was real so I avoided them. 

Why do some people just say things like lower your standards, get a single mom, get someone you’re age, ect? These people either are losers or people who already ate and have no more hunger or appetite. 

I accept my loss as a man but I still try to figure things out till I’m dead. 


I would have plenty of time to sleep with women 40, 50, 60,..........

When I’m DEAD. 

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