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I want a positive change how to get it? ?

I’m 18 and I want to change, and have a positive change. I want good friendships, good relationships in general and a better one with my boyfriend. I want to be a Nurse one day and I know my future life is out there everything that I want and need. But how to get it is the question? How do you change your life for the positive? I need some tips, and advice. The things I really want: 

Working on myself for a better version of me finding happiness with in Better friendships and relationships with family members. Improving the relationship with my boyfriend Thank you so much! 

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    4 weeks ago

    Do you believe in GOD? Do you believe that GOD sent Jesus here as the Christ? There is nothing as positive as Believing in GOD and Obeying GOD!  Only with Believing in GOD can we feel real LOVE!  LOVE comes only from and with GOD!

    Pray to GOD and get yourself closer! 

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