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Do you think her insecurities caused this?

I just found out my gf, now ex, was dating her ex while with me. When we first met she said something like “I’m scared to lose you to someone better” I told her to not worry about it and I wouldn’t leave her. So she probably constantly thought I was looking for the “next best thing” 

Fast forward we break up for the first time. We kinda just stopped talking to eachother and pulled away from the relationship. I said “Ok guess we’re not dating anymore.” and she said “I guess we’re not since we just stopped talking” The whole time she acted like she didn’t care. She does this a lot. I believe it’s a defense mechanism because I do it sometimes too. So while we were broken up I found someone else. Now from her eyes it might’ve looked like I was cheating but they really a long time friend.

Once she found out. There my ex go texting me wanting to get back together and of course we did.

I broke up with her again. It was a personal reason. This is when she went to her ex like 2 days later. Now, I got back with her but she was still dating her ex which she didn’t tell me about. She said “You’re my favorite n always will be” stuff like that. She never even mentioned her ex. In fact it was hard to tell she was cheating because she was with me all the time.


So I wonder, You know the first time we broke up, I got a new girl and her fear was “losing me to someone better” and maybe I triggered her when I broke up with her the second time she might’ve actually thought I was leaving her for someone and she went running to her ex and kept him on the side since he was the only one available. Like some women like this will cheat because they think you would cheat on them. It’s all a defense mechanism.

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