What would your diagnosis be? Please share any ideas if you have any. Thank you. ?

A close friend of mine recently got sick and has been sick for the past couple of days. She went to the doctor thinking she had strep throat, but the tests came back negative and they tested her for COVID-19. It has been just over 48 hours and we are all anxious to hear if she tested positive but have yet to hear back from the doctors. They did say they would contact between 48-72 hours, but I still wanted to share her symptoms and see if this would be an accurate diagnosis for what she is feeling. She is 17 and usually very healthy, she rarely gets sick, however she is overweight (not sure if that makes a difference to say). She had very painful headaches which she rated a 9/10 at the worst points, fever of 102 that comes and goes, chills, very sore and scratchy through to the point where it is very difficult to swallow, swollen painful gums, and recently developing canker sores  as well. The first day she started feeling sick was the worst and since then she has been feeling better, usually feeling almost completely fine in the daytime, but at night is when the fever returns as well as the other symptoms worsen. We are really hoping she does not have the corona virus, and we know not everyone experiences the same symptoms. She has no trouble breathing, no loss of taste/smell, congestion, nausea/vomiting, or muscles aches. And the issues seem to be coming from her mouth area (gums/throat), not sure if those issues can cause the severe headaches and fever though.

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  • It seams like she has some symptoms of covid 19 (from what I've read about on the symptoms), but hopefully she's negative. If she hasn't put herself at risk of getting the virus then she shouldn't have it. I don't think being over weight makes a difference. It's how strong your immune system is to fight this virus off. Since she's young and you say healthy (even if she's over weight), if she doesn't have a compromised immune system and if it's covid 19, she should be able to fight it and get over it. At least her doctor thought to tested for covid 19.

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