Why do I keep hearing the wrong words?

I keep hearing words I’m thinking of, like genuinely hearing them, rather than what is actually said. For example (this is stupid I know) I heard that song that’s like “am I man or am I a muppet” in a gay tiktok my friend showed me and I had forgot the lyrics of the song bc I hadn’t heard it in a while. I thought it was gonna say “am I man or am I a woman” and that’s what I GENUINELY HEARD. The volume was high, i wasn’t filling in for something I barely heard. I looked up the tiktok later and was shocked to find that it said muppet and not woman. This has happened multiple times over the last few months. Idk if this has anything to do with it but I’m a on the autism spectrum (“high functioning”), I’ve done psychedelics (my vision gets weird sometimes bc of it), and I dissociate a lot

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