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Are students likely to stay home even if schools reopen?

Trump has demanded for schools to reopen and I believe that this idea is completely idiotic. More idiotic than him ordering the attack on Solemani. I mean, they tell us to social distance and now they want to reopen schools? Schools have more than 300 students, it's a crowded place. It's not safe, you don't know who could have the virus. Right now, my grandpa is isolated bc he got infected with the virus and I'm scared he won't be able to survive. Imagine, students get infected while attending schools and infect their family. My family is strongly telling me that I shouldn't attend college with all the riots happening and the cases of the COVID 19. Well, one thing for sure, none of the students in my family are going to school directly. 

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    please read about the susceptibility of children to CV19 before you jump all crazy like.  School likely won't be safe for children who have pre existing health conditions ... and their parents will, rightly, refuse to send them.  It will be up to the school to figure out how to educate those children at same time as the ones who will return to school.  One district whose papers I mostly read [seven pages] is providing separate facilities for children who have health issues as well as online school for anyone who wants it for their children.  Parents are asked to elect by July 31st so school can adjust plan and open as scheduled in mid August.  [PS:  schools are expected to operate normally in much of Europe ...]

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    As far as I know schools will start up again very gradually in classes with fewer students at randomed times. They are planning next calenders without the usual holidays. I think the'y"LL spread between labs, Cantines, anphytheaters, patios libraries.  Always gathering to get guidelines for individual projects at home using their PC's.

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