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I want a second opinion on should I move on and forget about what she did. I never told her the truth of how I felt when she left me hanging?

Note: Shes like a sister to me because she said I can always talk to her about anything. And She will tell me what's best for me as a friend because she cares about me alot like a sister.we were in 1st grade when we first knew each other. We used to live across from each other and knock on each other's door to hang out and now it's like we don't even spend time with each other like we used too. She goes to college in Delaware and ever since she came back from college on winter break she let me stay over her house for one week and she been going out with her other friends alot while I'm at her house left hanging all alone in her living room feeling alone and mad. 


She changed alot when came back from college I'm happy that she in college and she made new friends. I just felt left out she left me in her house alone and hung out with her other friends like three times and I'm getting board and is ready to go home I went over her house for nothing.

Update 2:

Like it was a waste of time but I forgive her.

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    How about you pray to GOD and ask GOD this?  GOD knows far more than any of us do. 

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