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If the last coup attempt in Turkey had been successful, would that have been good for the West? Would it have strengthened ties with the US?

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    It definitely would have been a victory for democracy if the coup had been successful. Hardliners in Turkey have been pushing for Turkey to become much more extremist, and the sitting government has been taking a passive role with the fanatics.The faction of the Turkish government that attempted the coup was comprised of moderates who - if they had managed to successfully size power, would have ensured that Turkey remained a staunch US ally and would have initiated reforms that would have been positive for the Turkish people and for the nation. It only barely failed, and the repercussions were dramatic - hundreds of moderate officers killed or imprisoned and now it's set things back decades. It was a sad result for Turkey and for the West that it didn't work out.   

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    Turkey is overrun with Islamic cultists..... so it wouldn't matter much.

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