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im scared of driving?

im a new driver - i have my license and a 2014 red volkswagen beetle .. im 24.. been driving for a few months. Im very comfortable driving in the town i live in (i live in a small country town) but I recently got a good job in the nearest city and i have to take the highway to get there and it's kind of a commute. Im really scared to drive on the highway and of all the big intersections. Driving there is very scary for me and driving home in the dark is terrifying. The headlights of oncoming cars are too bright and I just focus on the glowing lines of the lanes and even then I'm scared. How can I get over my fear of highway driving - even though I continue to face my fears everyday how can I ease up and relax like other drivers? I know some drivers can drive on the highway eating or on the phone, I will not even look at my phone if it starts ringing. 

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    It's good to be cautious - because driving can be dangerous, and other people can be unpredictable (especially when they allow themselves to be distracted). Fortunately, once you've done the drive a few times, it should get less scary as you are more used to the roads, know which lanes to get into, etc.

    For your evening commute, you might want to consider getting some yellow-tinted night driving glasses - they can help with the glare from oncoming lights (if you wear glasses, you can get some clip-on ones).

    Check maps, and talk to other people who do a similar commute - you may be able to find an alternate route that keeps you off the worst parts of the highways.  I have to commute on a Parkway that is literally a racetrack (we joke that people qualify in the mornings, and race at night).

    The speed limit is 55, but the average speed of vehicles is 75-80.  I'm a pretty aggressive driver though, so it's usually not too bad for me (although there are the occasional psychos that want to tailgate, whip back and forth to get one car length ahead - even in solid traffic.

    Once or twice I just signaled and pulled off onto the shoulder to let a few cars go, and then when there was a nice gap, I pulled back out and it was much more relaxing.  Let the psychos go kill themselves and/or get tickets.  Good luck!

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    Join the Marines.  They will put a spine in your soul.  You need one.

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    I live in Los Angeles.

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    Do you have regular eye exams?  Seems like you have a astigmatism that needs correcting so you can see better at night.

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    just dont drive in the high ways

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