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CarPlay died?

I was in my car with my phone plugged in and CarPlay active it was working fine and then all of a sudden CarPlay just went out and took me back to the main sync home screen, I thought my charger was compromised, but I have two plugged in and neither one worked, I reset the sync system more than once, turned the car off and back on more than once, I managed to get the chargers to charger my phone but CarPlay still wouldn’t come on, after trying a few more times CarPlay came back on but only for 2 minutes and then went out again but permanently this time, it won’t even charger my phone anymore, CarPlay won’t activate, nothing. I tried changing the module back to the original to see if my module was bad but the other module wouldn’t charge the phone either. Can anyone think of what the issue could possibly be so I can get the bottom of it and fix it? I’m desperate, because I spent $750 to have sync put it so I would have the CarPlay and I have come to rely on the CarPlay. 

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