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Potential Transmission/Air Intake Problems?

2000 Honda Civic LX 1.6L VTEC engine with 159k miles. Owned car for 6 years, has made about a dozen 240 mile trips with 3 years and has had its fair share of wear and tear issues. Need help verifying something and hopefully these signs can help pinpoint the issue(s). 

When pressing accelerator hard and afterwards when at stoplight the RPMs drop to around 500 and eventually 300. As long as I don't press the peddle hard and instead increase speed steadily, the RPMs don't drop hard and hover around 900. This started occuring about 3 months ago. 

Noticed a 2 weeks afterwards that car's speedometer doesn't move until RPMs reach 2k when driving. RPMs dip and go back up (i.e. at 2200, take foot off pedal, drops to 1300, then goes back up to around 2k). If RPMs drop below 2k when driving feels like it's struggling to go back up. RPMs on cold start go up to 1700.

I've done some research and I feel like it's a mix of two things, the IAC valve needs to be changed, and potentially an issue with the torque converter that needs to be replaced with something.

Would greatly appreciate actual answers for possible causes since my local shops are charging exorbitant prices to only diagnose issues and not even work on the car. 

Was planning on getting a newer car in two years but want to make the most out of it now since recently changed the transmission seal, engine mounts, and oil pan gasket 7 months back.

Thanks for reading!

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    Replace the IAC valve and check for trouble codes with a dealer level scanner.  Output speed sensor or TPS or PCM/TCM could be bad   You can try "throwing parts" and just replace the sensors and a known good PCM/TCM from a junkyard.  If the sensors do not fix it, fluid pump,or torque converter or clutches in transmission are shot.  Good luck.

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    find local shop at ATRA.COM and ask about a diagnosis fee most will be nominal, we charge an hours labor 

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    i would get a mechanic to check it out

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