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what might be described as a "McLandscape"?  I have heard of "McMansions" , but what might mean a "McLandscape"?

and why do people like McThings?  can describe or explain it? what about McVehicles?

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    Mcwhatever is "it is all the same with little variation between locations".  cookie cutter shorthand. unimaginative and appealing to the lowest common denominator.  You know, like McDonald's food.  Not many really like it, but few think it is unbearable.  You'll take it rather than nothing (not that this is much of a choice; it is close for many to say "I'd rather stay hungry than eat that garbage").

    This is the fundamental flaw with mass production and trying to maximize sales.  Maximization of sales involves offending the fewest rather than satisfying the most.  Well, that doesn't provide much that is of value to anyone.

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