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Nitrous oxide/Marijuana causing nerve damage? ?

Recently spent 2 days with friends doing marijuana and nitrous oxide from balloons. On the second day i took a very strong edible, did a few cones from a bong and did 15 nitrous oxide canisters. I felt really run down after these things and a bit sick so i went to bed soon after. I woke up the next morning to having a headache, feeling light headed, difficulty concentrating, and only having my sense of touch throughout my whole body feeling about 60% - 70% of what i normally feel. Over the 2 days i took 25 canisters of nitrous oxide and i didn't smoke much cause i had the strong edible. This was my first time every taking nitrous oxide and i have only smoked weed very rarely. It has now been 4 days i did these drugs and i still have these problems. Does anyone know what caused this damage and if this damage is permanent.

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    That was not a good combination. Although no firm evidence of nerve damage has been published, there is anecdotal commentary of such a combination causing intense feelings of disassociation. One can only hope you're not an impulsive young teen with a rapidly developing brain, as that's where lasting damage too often happens. Anxiety will be making you feel even worse for a while, so try not to worry. If still feeling 'off' by the end of the month, consider seeking some medical help.

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    Please take your filthy, drug habit reporting to another forum. There are decent folks here who are not interested in your drug abuse and complaints!!

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