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Why does a belief in God bother some atheists?

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    I'm a Christian and as I read these answers. I feel like an atheist truly does not want to have someone over them. Watching them. They want to be in control. They believe we are brainwashed. I can not say some have not been. Forcing the faith on others is dangerous. It brings sorrows aupon the person receiving it. Science has discovered so many beautiful theories that atheist could not possibly believe that one light could have made all. Simple words "Let there be light." Is all I see. A big bang is as quite as a soundwave of sentence.

    God is and always will be the beginning and the end. He lives in the present and no one lives there long enough to notice him.

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    Because it leads to irrational behavior.

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    Having seen mentioned by believers "Science answers the what and religion answers the why"  That can not be true, 

    because Christianity does not answer certain empirical questions: ie,  Did the NTJesus really live?  Was he actually killed by crucifixion and 3 days later resurrected ?  There is nothing in history that can verify a YES answer to the above questions.  Therefore, the NT  claims, about such a Jesus, are lies, and    Christianity is a false teaching therefore, also a lie.

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    ONE REASON and ONE REASON ONLY... BECAUSE you and people like yo push it daily with more and more stupid questions about it. YOU are the one pushing your FAKE BELIEFS on people.. STAY AWAY FROM MY DOOR... IF I want to be so called saved I KNOW WHERE THE CHURCHES are to go get brainwashed at.

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    Actually belief in God most likely doesn't bother any atheists. What bothers some atheists are the religions that attempt to bolster their ill founded beliefs to control people. In the U.S., there is often people reminding Christians that there are "other" religions and nonbelievers that live in our society. So for example, Christians who want to put the bible back in schools have to also allow other holy books into our schools, something Christians don't want because it allows children to have a choice of other religions.

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    Very few atheists are bothered by a belief in God.  What bothers them are religious attempts to break down the separation of church and state.

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    Insecurity and uncertainty. They find the whole concept of deity threatening. 

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    I think it's human nature - people think everyone should think as they do. There's a general intolerance of those who think, act or even look different.

    Why does non-belief in God bother some theists?

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    Being confronted with things outside of our circles of comfort in the Venn diagram of truth causes almost all of us to rationalize and commit logical fallacies.  We all tend to do anything to avoid cognitive dissonance.

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    Some people, believe it or not, have been personally wounded by religion/the religious.

    Also, the insidious way some religious people try to "slip it in" to politics isn't cool.

    I say that as a Christian.  We live in a secular country, though ...and the way some religious types try to use religion to control others is how the current state of Iran came into being.

    Communism doesn't work..never has.  Theocracy is it's ugly sister.

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