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World leaders flock to Trump - stock markets rally to record highs?

How could anyone go wrong with Trump and company?

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  • Yavan
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    3 months ago

    Yeah, the problem is that's Trump's la-la land. He lies. All the time. And brags. And keeps failing miserably, but claims two tons of credit for whatever didn't go apocalyptically wrong.

    The markets are unstable as hell, they're being kept on life support by $3 trillion of government deficit, the U.S. is at the centre of a world pandemic. International trust nad goodwill have quickly eroded. And the Middle East is worse than ever while somehow, the military is stretched more than ever, not to mention the U.S. is falling like a rock on corruption indexes.

    When I agree with something from the Mises Institute, you know they've really f* up.

  • 3 months ago

    Earth to anonymous, Earth to anonymous...

  • 3 months ago


    World leaders all view Fat Donnie as a failure and clown, and 92% of stocks are owned by the top 1%.

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