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What % of positive covid cases never got a fever?

I know "some" did not. But I don't know if the "some" is 2% or 40%.

I check my temp every day and its never been high. Does this mean I probably never got it?  No other symptoms, I live alone and only rarely go to the store when not a lot of others are there. (near closing)

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    Not sure but you're probably okay.  If your temp goes up over 99 or you notice trouble breathing, get tested.  Wear a mask at all times when you're out of the house.  (You can pull it down when you're in the car.)  Wash your hands a lot, especially as soon as you get home.  

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    4 weeks ago

    ask any republican from arizona.   

    they whinged and got freedom, now they got infected.  

    hospitals are full.   

    usa full of trumptards 

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    Think for a minute.  You just asked for a solid number of an unknown variable.  

    It's called an unknown variable for a reason, Skippy.

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    Some people who've tested positive to Covoid=19 haven't had any symptoms.  Though most people get either mild cold or flu like symptoms and other's have a persistent dry cough and breathing problems etc and can end up in Hospital.

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    4 weeks ago

    Getting tested is free you know?

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