06 Jeep commander radio wiring?

 I know what the wires for the new radio harness go to because they were labeled. I just need to figure out how to wire them into the old onesI bought an aftermarket radio to install into my Jeep Commander because the original had lines going through the screen and you couldn't see anything. But I'm about to lose my cool. I bought an adaptive radio hardness to plug into the original Jeeps harness and it has way more wires and the Jeeps does and after examining it I noticed that the adapter wires weren't even in the same position as the Jeeps wires. From the original radio I pulled out three harnesses. I cannot find out what they are for. If anybody could just please help me figure out how to wire the new radio to the old Jeeps harnesses that would be great. I know what wires are on the new radio harness because they were labeled.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    First off, if your adapter harness kit do not have three harness (plugs), you have the wrong kit. 

    If you have the right kit, connect the wires from your aftermarket harness to the adapter harness color for color.  Cap the extra wires on the adapter harness (or on the aftermarket harness).  Plug and play.  Do not worry about the wire colors on the adapter harness to your Jeep's.  It will be a remote possibility if they match . And if it works, it works.

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