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What are the steps needed to marry a foreigner (Estonian)?

I am engaged to someone from Estonia, and we plan on getting married in a couple of years. I am curious to know if anyone knows the process of marrying a foreigner and bringing him to America?

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    i wouldn't do that if i was you. when you have to bring someone into country there's a big chance of them using you. they say "i love you" just to get here and after getting married and getting their green card they're gone (don't want you anymore). 

    i know 2 people that experienced it and i hear people talk about it

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    You must have met in-person, face-to-face. No email pals. You will both have to prove when, where, how you met, and how long you have spent together in person. If you are the US fiance/spouse, you must prove you earn enough to meet support requirements. You will need current year paystubs plus your last 3 years of US income tax returns. 

    If you are engaged & wish to marry in US, you need to apply for K-1 visa, fiance visa. the foreign fiance will have visa interview, biometrics, etc, at the US consulate nearest his home. IF approved & he receives the visa, you two have 90 days from his date of entry to US to marry & file for Adjustment of Status. Plan on about a year to get the visa; about 9 months to get AoS if you marry. He cannot work & will be totally dependent on you, including health insurance, until he gets his EAD or green card, so you will need a great deal of money. You are guaranteeing his total support for 10 years, but in certain circumstances, you could end up totally supporting him until he dies & afterwards (funeral, etc.). He only gets a temporary green card, and IF the marriage continues, you & he will need to apply for removal of conditions after 2 yrs. If you fail to marry during the 90 days, or if the marriage ends, you pay his way back home, where he MUST return promptly.

    IF you marry there, leave him there. You must return to US alone, file for CR-1 spouse visa, proving valid legal marriage, and meet support requirements. Spouse visas typically take longer than fiance visas, and can take 2 yrs or more. He must remain in his country until he receives the visa. He will get his conditional (temporary) green card after arrival. If the marriage fails, he returns to his country.

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    Go to the US government immigration website.  And look up K1 visa.  The easy way to do this is hire an immigration lawyer who can fill out the forms and tell you specific things you must do to comply with the law/requirements.  You can do this using a lawyer on the internet.  There are several.

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    It will be made unbelievably difficult, both by the country of Estonia, and by your own country of America.  First get a list of steps and documents from Estonia.  Then get such a list from America.  Follow directions, and maybe plan on several flights to Estonia, maybe one every 3 or 4 months over the course of a year or so.

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