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why wont my Iphone won't plug into a computer?

My screen was broken and I just got it repaired. When i got it back, it was disabled due to too many wrong password attempts. It says "iphone is disabled, plug into itunes" but it will not plug in. It plugs into a charger in the wall, but any time its plugged into a computer it vibrates 3 times and wont connect. I tried it on my moms mac and the same thing happened. Her phone is working to plug into mine so its not my computer or the cord or anything like that. Nothing is coming up at all it just vibrates then wont charge or connect to itunes. I really dont understand what it could be. 

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    "Plugging in" 

    is the physical act of connecting something with a cord or cable, 

    NOT the function of it being able to act or work with what it is plugged into. 


    You need to get in-person help from an iPhone expert. 

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    That sounds like an apple security feature to prevent unauthorized use.

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