Anyone who got a degree in English, what is your career now?

Anyone who has gotten an associate's and a bachelor's in English, what did you end up doing with it? What career did you pursue?

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    1 month ago
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    Many employers are now looking for people with good communication skills. There are possibilities for being social media managers for companies, for example. Some English departments offer courses in technical/professional writing, and there's considerable growth in the demand for people with those skills. Many people who get a bachelor's degree in English do go on to get a Master's, with which you can teach in a 2 year college, or a teaching license for public school teaching. 

  • martin
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    Because it involves literature, English lends itself to all possible careers, and should be required of technical, engineering, and medical careers as well.

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    1 month ago

    My sister graduated many years ago with a BA in English.  She went to work in NYC as an Associate Editor for a large publishing firm.  Her job was to help authors transform their raw stories into commercially viable works.  Although it was against company policy, she also was a ghost-writer for several well-known authors, including at least 2 whose books were put to film as popular movies.   

    She eventually started her own business as literary agent.  Authors have agents, just as actors and athletes. It proved to be difficult, as once her clients reached a certain level of book sales, they were lured away by large agencies.  Finally, one of her clients stayed with her despite reaching a very substantial advance per book.  My sister got 15% of the advance, plus the same share of future royalties.    

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