How to break flex pipe?

I have a 2013 Honda Accord Coupe V6. Today I brought it to a mechanic shop and they recommended I replace my flex pipe (with converters attached). Honda said they'll cover it under warranty if it really needs to be replaced, and I would like for it to be replaced because it rattles loudly while I drive. They guy at the shop said that he thinks Honda wont cover it under warranty but also said I could find a way to break it as it is already falling apart.

Anyone know how I can make it leak without making it look like I did it?


Also it wont last another year in its current condition and I wont have the warranty next year. Shop said it would be around $1500 to replace so I'm just trying to save money!

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  • 1 month ago
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    If the converters are bad and trowing a P0420 or P0430 code go to the dealer and see what they say about covering them under warranty. If they turn you down only buy Walker brand after market converters if you need to. Welding a new flex pipe because of exhaust leaks id done all the time by muffler shops.

  • Ron
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    1 month ago

    There is no way. If it isn't broke then leave it the **** alone

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