Are the Chinese communist party leaders going to be burned on the Stakes for eternal punishment in Hell for their wrongdoings for COVID-19?

Do you believe that The Chinese communist party like Xi Jinping that is directly responsible for the outbreak even beginning and are the real threat to America and the world are going to Go to Hell when they die for eternal punishment for their Evil COVID-19 deeds?

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    4 weeks ago
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    No, they're not responsible. There was a team in place to help keep something just like this from spreading globally that Obama and his team put in place, working with China directly. tRump and his rump-lickers got rid of that team. tRump and his rump-lickers then ignored any and all guidelines and advice and warnings about this. Now it's too ******* late to curtail it. tRump and his rump-lickers have given up on containing American covid cases. 

    You wanna blame an entire government, blame the American one. 

    China also owns most of the American loans. If they wanted to, they could end us for all time. Probably will. Thanks, tRump. 

    It is impossible to stop the spread of COVID in a society that rejects the idea that each individual should, on some fundamental level, care at all about what happens to other people.

    'Today, as news breaks that Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has tested positive for the coronavirus and Iran sets a new one-day record for pandemic deaths (for the second time this week), we bring you this essay from author Juan Cole.  

    Right-wing fundamentalist governments like those in Brazil and the US, as well as religious fundamentalist ones as in Iran, have made the coronavirus outbreak far more virulent and dangerous by encouraging religious gatherings, writes Juan Cole.  

    And he has some advice for them: Now is a good time to re-read The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyam. "The dangers of what we would now call religious fundamentalism, as opposed to an enlightened spirituality, were trumpeted throughout [his] poems."'

    Republicans: We must protect Fetuses, which do not have a conscience yet, even if the mother will die. Also Republicans: We must send our children into closed rooms filled with likely Covid patients and not obey the CDC guidelines

    “He'll withhold ventilators or steal supplies from states that have not groveled sufficiently. What Donald thinks is justified retaliation is, in this context, mass murder."

    It took 95 days for us to reach 1,000,000 cases of Covid-19. 


    It took 43 days for us to reach 2 million cases. 


    It took 28 days for us to reach 3 million cases. 


    The virus is accelerating. Even someone with 1/100th of a brain should see that.

    Source(s): According to the latest data released by Miami-Dade County Government... There has been a 74% increase in Covid-19 patients being hospitalized, an 88% increase in the number of ICU beds being used and a 123% increase in the use of ventilators in Miami-Dade.
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    4 weeks ago

    LOL. You must be one of those American religious lunatics.

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