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Can I trust World Financial Group?

I was brought into World Financial Group because a friend of mine is in it and he told me about it. I put in my information like my SSN and my address but I didn't put it my credit card as my friend paid for it. Since they have my SSN will they steal my identity? Should I change my SSN or cancel my credit cards? 

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    You cannot change your SSN.  With extremely rare exception, there is a lifetime limit of only one SSN per person.

    I meet with someone from World Financial Group years ago and they did seem pretty dishonest, but only in the sense of trying to make it sound like something was good for everyone when it actually wasn't, not in the sense of being likely to steal identities or commit credit card fraud.  But that was many years ago; they may have gotten better or worse.

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    Its one of many MLM scams but they will not steal your identity or bother with your SS# or anything. Thats automated and secure at the home office.(assuming it was their website) Who told you that you can change your social?  As long as you did not give them your credit or debit cards, you have nothing to worry about except more calls & emails & harrasment getting you to join or buy insurance or whatever they call it.  And don't let yourself be talked into anything they offer you. You can do better on your own. MLM just adds to the cost.

    Your friend did not pay for it out of the goodness of his heart. He thinks he is going to get rich, Bless his or her heart.

    Many of these kind of friends you just have to disassociate with them until they get over it. And that can be months. They are often brainwashed that anyone talking sense to them is negative.  I had a friend from high school who was convinced she was going to make thousands in a few months from herbalife. And she took out title loans and lost one of her cars over it. She's an idiot. But she got lots better grades than me.

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