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We can identify that most animals serve some kind of ecological purpose with the exception of a few, including humans?

Are we purposeless here on earth. What positive role do we even play here on earth ecologically?

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    We must serve a purpose or we would not have evolved this far. I do not know the purpose but I think it might be to get us off this planet before all life is extinguished and it is no longer habitable. I hope they succeed because this planet is in trouble. I think we are headed towards another Noah's ark type cataclysm.  It might be natural catastrophe or a man made one. 

  • ron h
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    4 weeks ago

    Mankind is the biggest problem the earth has seen since the comet. "Purpose" is more of a philosophical question.   Everything has a function or use.

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    "Ecological purpose" is not a biological term.  Species may have various types of functions and relationships, but they don't have purposes.  

  • Jim
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    4 weeks ago

    Actually, ONLY humans have an ecological purpose as we are the only ones

    A. That think about ecology

    B. Can do anything about it.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    No organism has any "purpose." They are alive only because they successfully survived and reproduced, and they pass on that formula for success (encoded in their genes) to future generations.  They are not around to make sure other organisms survive and reproduce.  Other animals in the same environment are doing their own thing. It is the ways they individually cope that add up to what we perceive as a cohesive system, or ecosystem.  Humans are no different. We evolved from an ape, and apes live in forests. We are very different from apes because our ancestors had to survive in the dangerous open African savanna. Survival in the open savanna required us to find food, and to avoid being eaten despite the danger. Other plants and animals that also live in the savanna have to do their own things, independently of us, although they may also have to adjust themselves to survive in spite of our presence.  Finding food and avoiding being eaten are what all living organisms do. We are therefore no different than any other life forms.

  • 4 weeks ago

    We provide homes for rats, mice, and assorted lice and other parasites.

    Besides, why should we have a "purpose"? We are born, exist, reproduce, and die. That is all the "purpose" any organism has.

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