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Ebay question?

A seller sent the wrong item. Seems to be an honest mistake. I am sending it back with the free label provided.  My slight concern is I mistakenly left him positive feedback before it even got here. (I got it confused with an item I got the day before)

That won't cause me any issue with the refund will it?  

The seller did not really respond other than I guess approving the return.  


I am plenty relaxed. SMH

Update 2:

He refunded me a few hours after I printed the label. Even before the postman picked it up. All is good.

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    Chances are you'll be fine. Most of the sellers are honest on Ebay. If you run into difficulties, contact Ebay. They will probably help.

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    For pete's sake, relax.

    The seller responded and all evidence suggests they will see this through and make it right.   You will get your refund when they get their thing back. 

    If you're going to get all twitchy and need your hand held, stop shopping on eBay. 

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