Trying to find this song/music video?

Lately, I have been trying to look for this song for a while now. All I remember is that I listened to the song last year in late October. I've been trying to look for it on my youtube history but, It takes too long to scroll and find it. So I was wonder if anyone knows or heard of the song or music video. The only thing I remember is the music video. It depicted a guy sitting outside and writing on his journal. As the guy is writing in his journal, A girl passes by him in a hurry and dropped her I think keys or something. As the sees the item that dropped, he picks it up and catches up to the girl. Then the music video shows various scenarios showing two sides of what if the guy was with the girl and not with the girl. I remember it ending at the beginning scene and this time the guy choosing not to pick up what the girl dropped. If anyone knows or at least seen this music video or song, please let me know.

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