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I saw my ex boyfriend in my dream  ?

I saw my ex boyfriend in my dream. He got married and he had a baby daughter. The tricky part was the daughter was my real life niece. I was looking at his family through a lens is that makes sense. He was supposed to be someone important on set. We was very well dressed. Next thing you know he was outside laying face down on a concrete completely naked. 

Please help me understand this weird dream. 

Thank you in advance!

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    You see your ex boyfriend through glasses of knowledge.  You look at him through a special lens, so you see some good things about him, as he is wearing nice cloths, and has a aby who resembles your family member, so in a way you still feel connected to him. The ending of the dream tells the truth though.  He is down and out and naked on the concrete.  Your dream just shows you who he really is. 

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