Torrent Is Dead ? ?

It seems like all torrents game sties dose surveys now even Skidrow It dont seem safe I guess I have to buy the real games now even if is for single player but buying the real game is more safe anyways. 

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  • Pyrus
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Torrent isn't dead. It's actually very much alive and well. I haven't trusted Skidrow in a very long time. Go to proxy sites, literally just write i.e. Piratebay proxy and you'll get a list of proxy sites to things that you want to torrent. I personally use torrent because I really cannot afford super expensive software that companies in my country do NOT provide me for the requirement of a job. In other words, in my country, they expect YOU to pay so that you can work and make money. Yea, a genuine WTF moment. We're not talking 50$ here, (which is now A LOT because of the economic crisis in my country (It's Lebanon, by the way, you can look it up)), we're talking about software that have subscription renewal and even then they cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and that's because they are designed for companies, not for personal computers, which (again), companies here don't seem to get (blame the managers that know close to nothing about these things, and don't make the effort to provide us with the tools that we need to work with).

    That said, if you CAN afford it, go ahead. With games, price tags can be far more variable. Steam, Epic Games, Origin, UPlay, etc., all have great prices for a limited time for certain games, so certainly take advantage of that. I do torrent games too, but I do have a lot of genuine games in my library as well, but only because I was able to get them. The catch? I have to wait for prices to go down, like 3 to 5 years wait for new games before I get them. Currently, I can't afford anything because the exchange rate from dollars to LBP have skyrocketed. 60$ in the black market (and it's only black market at the moment) is worth 600000 L.L. which was worth 400$ before the economic crisis. 600000 L.L. isn't worth squat here, and unfortunately it is the SALARY of many individuals here. So, you can imagine how bad things are here, and with all due respect for others, I'm really grateful for torrents, otherwise even more people would have been fired from their jobs right now for not having the necessary requirements on their PERSONAL laptop (yea, you need to have a personal laptop too, the companies won't provide you with one either). 

  • Bob
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer reasons to torrent.

    Most movies are available to watch for a reasonable price through streaming services, music can be listened to the same way and games are easily available through platforms like Steam.

    Unless you're the type of person who just doesn't want to pay anything for movies, music & games etc, the need to torrent just no longer exists.

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