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Previous resident randomly sending mail to my apartment?

I moved into this apartment 6 months ago and now all of a sudden the previous residents mail/packages are being sent to me. Apparently, the guy lives in the same complex and left a few letters on my door instructing me to give to mail to him at his new apartment. Each letter had a different story as to why these items were "accidentally" sent to me. One of the items is a stimulus check.  I think this guy is really strange.

-I told the post office to stop sending his mail to me and they fixed it b/c no more mail coming for him.-stimulus check was returned to irs certified mail with description of why it's returned (used their instructions).-other mail was marked return to sender.Did I make to right decision or could I get in trouble for this?

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    You made the correct decision, and acted within the mail laws. 

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    The proper way to handle mail that isn't yours is to write "no one here by that name" on the outside of the envelope and to return it to your mail carrier. It's not your job to redirect this guy's mail because he should have filed a formal change of address with the USPS when he moved. 

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    I would have done exactly the same thing as you. Previous tenant is hiding something and is up to no good. 

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    You were not obliged to continue receiving mail for the previous tenant, and you have acted within the law in regards to the postal service.

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