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Boyfriend suddenly not attracted to me?

Last night I was talking with my boyfriend about how tall a guy in his friend group is (which my boyfriend can be insecure about) and he mentioned how one of two my friends have a nice body randomly after I mentioned this— the friends he named are super curvy and have a large chest whereas I am the complete opposite. I’m most likely overthinking this but I’m just worried he is starting to favor a body type that doesn’t look like mine? Or maybe he was saying this to somehow get back at me for commenting about his friend? 

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  • 2 months ago

    Yeah I think he was just getting back at you. Stop mentioning his friends or looking at them unless you’re okay with him doing the same to yours. Or at the very least keep the comments to yourselves

  • Ana
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    2 months ago

    Stop talking about guys being taller than him. Are you just mentally retarded? Why would you think that’s ok?

    That doesn’t make you cool. YOU aren’t the tall one. Talking about a guy you’re not with, doesn’t make you cool enough to be with the tall guy. It just makes you look ungrateful, disloyal, nasty, and thirsty. You’re being the fat ugly guy who says how hot supermodel babes are, when the supermodel babes don’t even look at him. LIKE THAT DOESNT MAKE YOU COOL. 

    You’re with a guy (Your boyfriend) who is your boyfriends height, so be happy with your boyfriend’s height! Fall in love with it. Stop mentioning other guys being tall. That’s idiotic. 

    It’s just as idiotic as him mentioning girls with better bodies than you, and yes, it hurts doesn’t it? So stop doing that to your partner. That isn’t cool. What you did is UNCOOL. There’s nothing cool or funny about it. I’m all for jokes but that’s not something you even “joke” about. Just like him saying you’re flat chested compared to some DD girl isnt “a joke”. Hope that explains things for you 

  • 2 months ago

    I expect he is selfconscious about his lack of height, so he gave you a little shot of your own medicine.  Something that you might not be totally comfortable with.

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