PRESONUS Audiobox monitoring headphones only work when you pan to left or right?

This is super weird and i can't find an answer to it anywhere. I can only hear both music and myself whenever I pan sound all the way to the right or left. Anyone know what settings could be affecting this? I can't find the settings anywhere

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Either the headphones or socket on the unit has lost the ground / common connection.

    Only the left and right are connected, which just puts the the two earpieces in series with no ground, so you only hear anything when there is a difference between the left and right outputs. It's quite a common problem.

    Try your headphones on something else; if the fault is in those, any stereo music usually sounds wrong, with anything near the centre of the stereo image faded down or missing - eg. often the vocals.

    Mono sources will not give anything.

    If they are OK, the headphone socket in the audiobox needs re-soldering or replacing.

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