How do ANIME ASMR channels get their voices to sound like the original characters?

Recently I've been obsessed with the ANIME ASMR videos on Youtube. These channels take anime characters and do listener insert videos for comfort or 18+ content.

One user (Yagami Yato) has my mind blown because her (yes, she's female) voices for the My Hero Academia characters (specifically Bakugo, Kirishima and Midoriya) are practically clones to the original! How is she doing this?

I've been interested in trying my hand as this type of ASMR too, but I'm too afraid to ask her personally how she's doing this. What program are these channels using to make their voices sound identical to the anime characters they choose?

I'm female as well and there's no way she can just imitate/impersonate all these characters with just her normal voice (is there?) 

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