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brain tumor questions?

I don't have any useful info (aka what type and stage of tumor), but someone I know sadly got diagnosed with a brain tumor. He is almost 60. Again, I don't know anything more than that. Does anyone know what types of brain tumors are most common in adults that age and if they are curable? Typically, how is the prognosis? 

Also, unfortunately, someone I also know (not super well, just in my community) has been living with a brainstem tumor. I've heard there is no cure. Is that true? Any survivors? 

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    The guy who set up the petty gambling pool at work for when my baby would be born was diagnosed with a brain tumor when I was about six months along. When I brought my newborn to the office to show her off, he was there for the first time since his surgery, and he was too weak to hold her. He was slow moving and quite confused, sometimes a little teary--understandably. His mom had brought him in; he could no longer find the place he'd worked for four years.

    I remember I went home and cried.

    Fast forward. That baby I had is 35, and the colleague who set up the pool (somebody won $35!) is living in California, self-employed running a business, married, with grown kids of his own, active in his church and community.

    It's not a death sentence for every kind of tumor.

    I'm not a medical professional, but it's good to be reminded there are guys like Paul.

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    There isn't enough information to give you a relevant answer.  I doubt your honesty anyway since you post anonymously.

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