Honestly why does everyone have to make such a big deal out of us getting favourable ref decisions?

It confuses me. Whenever another club gets a decision in their favour no one says much but when its us the media just seem to love gossiping about it which then makes everyone accuse us of cheating.

Think the media need to súck Klopp off tbh.


Let’s not forget that Bournemouth got a pen they shouldn’t have had when the ball came off Bailly’s shoulder but deluded ABUs choose to forget about it.

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  • August
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    1 month ago

    Wrong.Liverpool get the most favourable decisions and we all know the officials receive a red envelope stuffed with £50 notes. Their forwards can disguise dives better than most and it makes you wonder just who is sucking who these days. Don't worry though, Leeds will get a belly full. They All Hate Leeds ! 

    ( NO penalty v Bournemouth )

  • some you win some you lose,   offtopic when did the site become back online?,  havn't been able to logon  for over a week.  and before that i was offline with a major pc rebuild.....not sure about that claim,  just look at the attention the Kane disallowed goal got?,  btw i'm no Kane fan, but i seriously thought that should of counted. unlike the other h-ball last night, which pundits were somehow trying to make out was the same situation, when no way was it the same situation, and if we are talking of media bias, and i hate having to say this  but just look at any English players, especially some punndits,,,,eg lets say  Martin Keown...systematically critisizing any player not born in the UK....and blowing roses up the rectrum of anyone connected with uk,   even Scots and Welsh,   seriously it's high ime that lame duck,  was ejected from punditory permanantly

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