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Can you put Clear Comfort multi- purpose solution in the eye??? ?

I was cleaning out my car and got a ton a dirt in it. My eye was still very red and irritated after I rinsed it out with water. My mom always told me that saline solution can be used when flushing out the eye if something gets in it. So I went to use some of hers but it was actually the clear comfort multi purpose solution that I flushed my eye out with. I started to read the bottle and saw that it expired a year ago....(it was a new package that she never opened) I’m so stressed now I rinsed my eye out for 15 minute, but would this be harmful to my eye should I seek medical help??


It’s not burning or red after putting the solution in my eye 

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    okay, I know you will think I am truly crazy, but here goes.. I've included a video just so you know I am not lying. 

    put urine in your eye.. Urine is 97% water, it is a natural saline solution, it also contains vitamins and minerals - it is not 'dirty'. It is not a waste product of your body! There are millions of people in this world who use urine therapy as medicine, because 1) it works, and 2) they are too poor to get anything else .. it comes from your own body, so it can't do you any harm. I have put my own urine in my eyes many times - it instantly cures sore, tired eyes.. 

    Here's a video.. at 1:30 he talks about how urine cleans your eyes (must be your own urine).. 

    it has to be fresh urine.. and you can use an eye dropper to put it in

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