Why do women cry more easily than men? Why do men cry less than women? Is there a scientific explanation?

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    4 weeks ago
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    I'm not sure that there is a scientific explanation.  If you go back to mediaeval literature all the way up to the very early Victorians manly tears were lauded as refined and noble.  Not crying was something for peasants who were closer to animals and used as "proof" that they were base beings.  Then, really suddenly it all flipped round and crying was something for women, children and congenital idiots.  If you were praised as a boy for crying with manly feelings about important and serious manly concerns as proof of being above mere beastial impulses you would cry easily as an adult and it would be admired.  Human culture is always strange if you stop to think about it for too long.

  • Logan
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    3 weeks ago

    Most likely it has to do with chemicals in our bodies (testosterone, etc.) and just our overall emotional wiring. I saw a study recently that said on average women cry 6 times a month or 72 times a year. For men, the numbers were exactly half, 3 times a month and 36 times a year. Though that is not set in concrete. I know women and girls who are closer to the men's average, and I know men and boys (I am one of them) who are at or above the women's average from the study. So it really just varies and depends, and a lot of factors play into it. 

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    Variations of testosterone and estrogen affect emotions.

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    There is...more or less...not everyone buys into it though.  Turns out the male and female brains are wired a bit differently.  A major difference is in the center or white brain cells part collectively called "white matter."  Apparently the female white matter is more effective in linking the left to the right hemispheres of the brain.  Which means the objective half of the brain is more influenced by the subjective or emotional half.  And thus even objective events can trigger the emotions that bring on tears.

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