Photosynthesizing animals versus solar powered robots - who inherits the Earth when humans become obsolete?


Photosynthesizing animals is something that came to me while writing the question and you may interpret it as you will.

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    ..I don't know what that first answer was about but moving swiftly on-

    First off, I literally have no qualifications to justly answer this question. I'm just going to give my opinion (based off the PS4 game Horizon I played, because only I would use a video game to help me answer a question like this..).

    Solar powered robots sounds impressive but even if they were self-repairing how long would they last on the Earth we leave behind? We're already using a lot of the planet's resources and even if they recycled parts from each other how long until that also becomes unavailable? I don't see artificial intelligence lasting forever after we've perished (although they would reign for quite a while).

    I'm curious about the photosynthesizing animals? Is that, or can it be, a thing? I don't feel like animals need to photosynthesize to keep living on. If the Earth continued to grow and repair itself from the horrible devastation we've caused by building cities and cutting forests, I feel animals just they are would outlive us greatly.

    Now, I don't know about the numbers for overpopulation on some species, but all they needed to survive for years was a water and food supply. Most species have evolved over the years as well, so even if over or under population became a problem I'm sure evolution to the affected species would level out the wildlife on its own.

    I guess if I need to give an answer I think animals will reign supreme. I don't see why AIs would need to hunt, and again resources to repair or grow in numbers would soon become scarce as the years passed, so... photosynthesizing animals (whatever that is) for me.

  • 4 weeks ago

    The animals would.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Neither.  When we go, we're leaving behind a dead husk.

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