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Does this mean he still cares?

My BF and I had an argument and he was saying how he doesn't need me, that single life is better, etc. After we made up, he said to not mind the negative stuff he said. If he was over it, he would just leave right?

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    Best friend, or lover? You had an argument and he left you, saying the single Life is better.  Then why did he come crawling back to you?  You would have to live day after day wondering is this the day he dumps me again?  If he just leaves, or tells you he is leaving, the pain and the results would be the same.  Knowing all of this, the decision is yours to make.   And also the results that come with it.

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    2 months ago

    Sometimes when people are injured they strike out in retaliation to try to avenge their hurt feelings. It's not good to do this but I guess it happens regularly.

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    People often say things they don't mean when they are angry. Unless he does this frequently to try to manipulate you, I'd let it go. 

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