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Why Ahmad Bradshaw And His Rushing Touchdown In Super Bowl 2012 Forever Engrained For Throwback Thursday This 2020?

Courtesy Of The New York Football Giants' Official Twitter Pages And One More Thing He's The Leading Rusher In Super Bowls 2008 And 2012 And Yadda Yadda Yadda He's One Of Many Running Backs In Super Bowl And NFL History To Be The Leading Rusher In Consecutive Super Bowls


Take That Marcus Allen And Terrell Davis! 

Update 2:

Cu Tie Will Get That 

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    Indeed.......just a puzzling play......and why the HELL would you **allow** the opposing team to score........when you HAD the freaking lead?  with less than a minute to play ??? Did they really believe they could score a winning touchdown in the next 57 seconds? 

    who the hell does that?  It was the freaking SUPERBOWL  and you handed it  to them on a silver platter!  with the silly HOPE that MAYBE you can take it back  in the next 57 seconds?   Why wouldn't you just try to maintain your LEAD  for one more minute? 


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