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With the Washington Redskins changing their name what other teams should?

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    Clearly the following teams must also change:

    Cleveland Indians - basically same as Redskins

    KC Chiefs - same

    Atlanta Braves - same

    Minnesota Vikings - brutal people famous for rape and plundering.  'nuff said.

    Oakland Raiders - ditto

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - ditto

    Pittsburgh Pirates - ditto

    Any team named the Warriors - similar

    New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, Ottawa Senators - all people who actively worked to remove native Americans from their land.

    Boston Celtics - offensive to Irish people

    Houston Texans - offensive to Texan people (probably, everything else sure is)

    Green Bay Packers - offensive to gays

    Indianapolis Colts - imprisoned racehorces

    Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars, Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, Ravens, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Orioles, Eagles, anything named after an animal - offensive to ASPCA members

    New York Giants - offensive to midgets

    Oklahoma City Thunder - well that just sounds like a stripper

    New York Jets - people suffering from COVID really don't want to be reminded of international travel bans.

    San Diego Chargers - at least one guy's grandpa was executed via electric chair, come on people!

    Houston Rockets - offensive to guys with ED

    San Antonio Spurs - also offensive to gays

    Montreal Canadiens - would be fine except they pronounce it weird. Makes me uncomfortable.

    Orlando Magic - still too offensive to gays!

    Denver Nuggets - not too bad, but "Nuggets" can also mean testicles

    Nashville Predators - tell me that doesn't make you think of Chris Hansen?

    Detroit Pistons - pistons pumping, in and out, in and out, all day gays.

    St Louis Blues - dear God, depressed suicide risks!

    Minnesota Twins - you know there is a real pair of severely conjoined twin girls living in a small Minnesota town, right?

    Sacramento Kings - Gang violence

    Seattle Mariners - you know what happened aboard those all-male ships, don't you?  I'll bet you do!  Gross.

    Milwaukee Brewers - actually, that one's prolly good.

    The point is we have to draw the line somewhere.  You can make a case for ANYTHING to be offensive to some people.  It's a slippery slope and if we keep sliding we'll wind up with leagues full of teams like the "Players" "Pros" "Athletics" and "Human Beings."

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    3 months ago

    Atlanta Braves

    Kansas City Chiefs

    Cleveland Indians

    Florida State Seminoles

     And their fans should be banned from doing the annoying tomahawk chop.

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    Here's hoping everyone takes this as the satire it's intended as.

    New York Giants - Makes fun of people with thyroid conditions.

    Philly Eagles - The Eagle is an exploiter species that murders other birds and mammals.

    Dallas Cowboys - The Cowboys murdered the Indians!  Super offensive!

    New England Patriots - Patriotism is nationalism and nationalism is racism.

    New York Jets - Triggering to muslims who lived in countries where Jets bombed.

    Buffalo Bills - Buffalo Bill was a soldier in the Indian Wars...honoring him is far more racist than the Redskins name.

    Miami Dolphins - Dolphins are known to murder other sea mammals for fun.

    Pittsburgh Steelers - Steel is a carbon and energy intensive process that despoils the environment, triggering anyone who loves the environment.

    Baltimore Ravens - Named in honor of Edgar Allen Poe, a dead white guy used to prevent minority poets from getting space in classrooms.

    Cincinnati Bengals - Tigers are known racists, segragating their orange and black hairs into different areas rather than letting them live together.

    Cleveland Browns - Paul Brown was well known as an economic exploiter, underpaying his players.

    Minnesota Vikings - Portrays the lovely socialists from Scandinavia as marauding killers.  Totally unacceptable.

    Green Bay Packers - Packer being an anti-gay slur.

    Chicago Bears - The bear kills cuter animals all the time, and we can't support hunting.  It's a brutal activity.

    Detroit Lions - Male lions are known to kill the cubs of female lions so as to make them available to mate.  This furthers rape culture AND as we know, only females are allowed to kill their kids.

    San Francisco 49ers - The 49ers were gold rushers...who took indian land and killed Indians.  Unacceptable!  Far worse than Redskins.

    Seattle Seahawks - A hawk is, of course, another murder species.

    LA Rams - The Ram is the male of the species.  This name is sexist.

    Arizona Cardinals - This one is acceptable.  The Cardinal eats worms and bugs and stuff, and environmentalists don't care about those as they're not cute.

    San Diego Chargers - Electricity produced by fossil fuels no doubt.  San Diego Windmills would be acceptable.

    Denver Broncos - This is a reference to OJ's White Bronco and brings up too much racial pain.  It's triggering.

    Kansas City Chiefs - I mean, do I even need to explain?

    LA Raiders - A raid is an inherently violent act.  Clearly we're not allowing this.

    Houston Texans - Texas is a conservative state, so clearly triggering to blue America.  it's gone.

    Tennessee Titans - Has a female body part right in the name.  Sexist.  Get rid of it.

    Jacksonville Jaguars - Another murder species.

    Indianapolis Colts - A colt is an uncastrated male horse.  It's just the male so it's sexist.  If it were castrated, modern feminist theory would say it's okay.

    Carolina Panthers - This one's okay as it is a reference to the Black Panther movement.

    Atlanta Falcons - Another murder species.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Pirates?  More violent males?  Get rid of it.  Plus those cannons are polluting!

    New Orleans Saints - religious reference!  Possibly the most offensive thing of all!

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    3 months ago

    My high school, the Sturgis Trojans. We were always getting condoms thrown at us at games. Why not the Sturgis Sturgeons? It would make more sense.

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