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On a scale 0 to 10, how much do you enjoy these wrestlers from NJPW?

I apologize if it's way too long. It's a long list for many reasons of mine.

 They can be in their prime, or from what you best know them as. Most are NJPW, but a couple are from AJPW, or even Dragongate



Ryu/Dragon Lee

Mitsuharu Misawa

Jushin Liger


Minoru Tanaka

Shinjiro Otani

Ultimo Dragon

El Phantasmo

Hiromu Takahashi

Shingo Takagi

Gran Hamada

Katsuyori Shibata

Kenta Kobashi

Tomoyuki Oka

Zack Sabre

The Great Muta

Masato Yoshino

The Great Sasuke

BxB Hulk

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    Sho - [7.9] From what I've seen from Sho he had great matches against the likes of KUSHIDA and Shingo Takagi.

    Yoh - [6] Not quite the worker Sho is but not bad either.

    Ryu/Dragon Lee - [7.5] Dragon Lee is a very talented young wrestler. He had a memorable feud against Hiromu Takahashi. If the rating was about how talented the are it would've been higher but unfortunately I like my wrestling a little less spotty.

    Mitsuharu Misawa - [10] One of the greatest wrestler of all time imo and the one with most five star rating matches.

    Jushin Liger - [9] Liger deserve a 10 in terms of legacy and hard works thought.

    KENTA - [10] Some might only know him as Hideo Itami in WWE but that was a broken version of KENTA, prime KENTA was truly one of the best in the world and also wrestle the style I love to watch.

    Minoru Tanaka - [9] I always loved the hybrid of shoot-style and pro wrestling Minoru Tanaka wrestles, he deserve a 9 because of that.

    Shinjiro Otani [8] Otani is a legend who deserve at least a 9 in terms of works but than again it's about how high I enjoy watching them.

    Ultimo Dragon [9] Pretty similar to Liger.

    El Phantasmo [N/A] I don't think I ever watched his work so I won't rate him.

    Hiromu Takahashi [7.9] Hiromu is preety enjoyable to watch. I rate him a tad more then Dragon Lee.

    Shingo Takagi - [9] Shingo is one of the best in NJPW currently.

    Gran Hamada - [N/A] His 6-men tag in ECW is the only match I think I've seen of him. I won't rate him due to this.

    Katsuyori Shibata - [10] Shibata is one of my favorite to watch in the ring. Similar to prime KENTA, Shibata was a beast.

    Kenta Kobashi - [10] Kobashi an other one of the greatest of all time.

    Tomoyuki Oka - [N/A] Never seen his works.

    Zack Sabre - [10] Zack Sabre Jr. is A+ on the mat. It's hard to rate him anything else beside if you don't enjoy that style.

    The Great Muta - [8] Muta is a legend but never seems to enjoy his matches as much much as I want to.

    Masato Yoshino - [7.9] Masato Yoshino is incredibly fast but not a favorite of mine in the ring.

    The Great Sasuke - [8] Not my favorite style to watch but he's a legend and had a great performance in the '94 J-Cup.

    BxB Hulk - [8.9] Entertaining and innovative is what I would describe BxB Hulk.

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