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Is the center of the upper level ridge of high pressure( heat dome) the core of the heat and humidity, clear skies, lightest winds, no rain?

I live in toledo ohio we are in a upper level ridge it's very hot but have clouds from time to time , scattered pop up storms happen, the winds are light, does it mean I'm not in the center of the heat done where the core of the heat is? Its suppose to be 98 degrees today with a dew point of 70 degrees. I always thought the center was the hottest,  most clear skies, most humid, light winds, no storms at all. And around the ridge was more pop up storms and heat. And around the edges the mescoscale  convective complexes go up and around the ridge( ring of fire) jet stream to the north. So all the storms go around it!! Tell me if all this is true?

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    If you are on a high pressure RIDGE, you are NOT at the center of high pressure done

     You are totally ignoring the heat island erect of any developed, especially a metropolitan area like Toledo. Even the parking a lot of Wal Mart market or supercenter can create a small meal scale heat island effect. Where I live in the greater Oklahoma City area, which is larger in area than the New york City, New Jersey Connecticut area, it can pour buckets and a.hardly a drop of rain falls at my apartment a little more than a mile away. 

    High air  pressure systems and ridges ate usually cold or cool fronts with lower humidity. Low air pressure ridges and domes are warm fronts often with higher . humidity. 


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