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Is my dog picky about her food?

I've been feeding my dog dry dog food. I've changed it up a few times using purina brand and doesn't eat it. She will eat about half of what I give her. She will eat all human food and treats. So I started giving her wet food and she eats all of it and seems to enjoy it. I'm trying to get her to gain weight since she is underweight

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    I have no idea where you live but where I live we are hitting the three digit heat wave & my dog is being as picky as yours.  I put food down & she eats a little here & a little there & sometimes she eats it all.  She doesn't get any human food, so she doesn't even beg for it.  Dogs don't eat as much during the summer months as they dog during the winter months.  So I am not concerned about her eating.  She will eat when she is hungry, so I don't worry.

    Have you had your dog wormed?  Internal parasites may be the cause of her not being up on her weight.

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    Well yes and you are training it to be...a dog will soon learn that if it refuses its meal you will run around and find something tastier for it to eat ( and you do) ....

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    95% of dogs will eat whatever you throw down. The other 5% have special needs/diets because of a condition. You have given into her many times, so she knows how to hold out for something else, something special, and will use these tactics to train YOU to get the good stuff. Switching foods too often is not only potentially dangerous for dogs, but also creates very finicky, picky eaters and that's a very hard habit to break once it's established. When they are puppies, it's forgivable, because the owners are trying to figure everything out, too. My dog put me through the ringer with food until we have now finally settled on a good, vet-approved meal plan, and he eats it all up without question now. 

    I understand that she is underweight, so wet food is a good calorie packer to help her gain, but you still have to restrict. Once she's at a healthy weight, she won't know any different and still expect the rich, calorie dense food which will cause her to gain weight and become obese, which is very easy to do with dogs. 

    For every dog, there is a human feeding them completely different from the other. Some stick to dry out all day and let their dogs graze. Many do twice a day only. Many also do wet and dried mixed together. It can take a while to get on track with your dog's appetite. My dog is not food driven at all; sometimes, I have to hand feed him to make sure he gets it all in. He couldn't care less about food, is never super excited about it, but will generally eat many of his meals without help or problems. He's just coming out of puppyhood and getting on a good dog routine, so the hand feeding and picky appetite is waning (THANK GOD!). 

    Since your dog is underweight, I would highly recommend going to a vet and checking with them on a meal plan. You can't just feed underweight dogs as much as you want to fatten them up. A vet will go through options and give you the proper tools to feed your dog in a healthy way.

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