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Why do women exaggerate to their friends and others how physically attractive that their boyfriend or husband is?

The way that some women portray their significant others sometimes makes you wonder if they are blind. Like some women will claim how sexy their boyfriends or husbands body is and how ripped and muscular he is and how he looks like a model and is extremely tall and handsome and then you finally meet him and it’s like... wait what. I thought you said he was ripped and muscular and tall and handsome and he’s none of those. He’s 5 ft 7, had a beer gut, flabby arms, man boobs, a triple chin, hasn’t shaved in weeks, breath smells like garbage, doesn’t wear deodorant, and is balding

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  • Jesere
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    When you love someone unconditionally it matters not what others think, to her he is the sexiest,  most handsome man because she sees beyond the physical and the spiritual aspect is what she sees. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    You been talkin' to my wife?

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