Why is my A/C running intermittently? ?

I have 2 Frigidaire wall A/C units in my apartment. Been in a heat wave recently so trying to stay cool. The unit in the living room runs great, it’ll usually lower the a/c thermostat temp to whatever it gets set to. I had it set to 70 before I went to bed last night and it was 72 in the living room when I went out there this morning. My bedroom A/C is running poorly. I had it set to 70 overnight and I woke up and it was 83 degrees in my room. It has no problem kicking on, it’ll blow cool air just fine. Problem is it only does it for about 4-5 minutes before shutting off, and it will be another 30 minutes to an hour before it actually turns back on again. Something isn’t right because most people say the unit should be running half the time in this type of weather, but it’s only running about 5-10% of the time. The condenser kicks on fine as I said, it’s keeping it running and actually cooling down the room that’s the problem. I’ve cleaned out the filter and the coils don’t look dirty from the outside. I’ve had this issue once before on a hot day where it didn’t seem like it was properly kicking on at regular intervals. Then the next day we had a thundershower and it started working perfectly fine after that, keeping the temp down as expected. But when it gets too hot it starts to suck at its job, which defeats the purpose of an A/C unit. It should work when it’s hot out too. Solutions? 

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    1 month ago

    The cycling on and off, running for five minutes and then shutting down for an hour or so, sounds like it is cycling on it's internal thermal shut off. The majority of the time i have found in these cases, would be dirty condenser coils, you can't always see how bad they are, especially inside.  Or something to do with the condenser fan, depending on your set up. From a fan cycling control, to the fan motor, to the fan being loose in some manner so it is spinning, just not fast enough. It can also not be positioned properly and such.  You also did not mention if you have high/low safety controls. Although I am used to the ones that need to be reset manually, some do not, it could be cycling on one of those types of controls. The running properly in a thunderstorm, with the water transferring much more heat then air can. I would be looking a the fan and coils first

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