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I went there out of curiosity to see how much the cheapest insurance would be for me after being on medicaid and received a letter in the mail that says:

You don't qualify for a tax credit because you can get qualifying coverage through Medicaid. 

Then right under that:

You don't qualify for medicaid because your monthly income of $1475 is too high. 

So I don't qualify for insurance at all.  

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  • 1 month ago

    You do qualify for insurance.

    You don't qualify for medicaid because your state chose not to expand it.

    You don't qualify for a tax credit because you would have qualified for medicaid if your state chose to expand it.

    But you can still buy health insurance -- you'll just have to pay full price.

  • 1 month ago is simply a website that offers insurance based on federal laws and the laws of your state.

    If you are receiving medicaid AND your state has your correct income, then you qualify for medicaid.

    - If your state's medicaid office does not have your correct income, you need to get that corrected. 

  • Amy
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    How are you already on Medicaid if you don't qualify?

    It sounds like you're in the "gap" that Republicans created when they overturned the only part they could of Obamacare. 

    The ACA had expanded Medicaid to include people with nonzero-but-low incomes, then had a subsidy for incomes just above that range. When the Medicaid expansion was eliminated, it didn't change the lower limit of income for a subsidy.

    Most states have kept the expanded Medicare, but the heavily Republican states haven't.

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