Given that Thomas Jefferson owned slaves and had sex with one, Sally Hemmings, could he have truly believed that "All Men are Created Equal?

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    4 weeks ago
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    All men have never been created equal.  WE don't enjoy equality before the law, before the workplace, before the church, before schools, before any institution in society.

    This society is based on the Haves and the Have nots, the connected and the not connected, those with power and those without power.  The most despicable Haves are the political and financial elite who have seized the power and have accumulated the money to keep almost all Americans unequal before almost all institutions in America.

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    He thought of "men" as free, white, property-owning males, which was a common perception for his time (people in power make the rules). It has taken the world over 200 years since then to broaden the definition. We're still struggling with whether to include non-Christian and LGBT people.

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    You can believe something but you may not be in a position to do what you would like about. If were to read the first draft of the Declaration of Independence you would find that Jefferson addressed the issue of slavery only to have the Continental Congress remove it in order to get the soouthern states to support the document and the revolution. 


    You might know know that John Adams as a lawyer defended the British soldiers that were involved in the Boston Massacre because he believed he was honor bound as a lawyer to defend them with others would not.

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    I would say so. Yes. 

    Those were different times where acknowledging slaves as equals wasn't practical. That doesn't mean he didn't treat them good. He built Sally her own apartment across from his room.

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    Here's what runs through my mind--black women slept with many white men,  The pretty black women were white mens mistress, and I bet some of the white wives didnt mind, becuase men smell.

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    Hardly anyone on the planet before the 19th century thought so -- so was virtually the entire human race so  despicable and evil that their memories ,images , works and legacies should all be destroyed ?

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    Probably not. It's weird though. John Quincy Adams was also horribly racist toward Latin Americans, so was Taft. But they both did some good things for racial progress. Part of me wants to dismiss these people outright because if they had any moral compass, I don't think "it was the time" is justification. But people like Jefferson, Adams, Taft... did do good things...

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    4 weeks ago

    Thomas Jefferson was more responsible for ending slavery worldwide than anybody. You really should learn some history and know what you're talking about before asking dumb questions. 

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