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Did the Viking’s  enslave Britain? If so then should all Scandinavian’s take the knee for doing so? ?

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    They took British slaves but did not enslave Britain. But if all Scandinavian's took the knee then should not every nationality and ethnic group that at some time in the past held slaves take the knee? Of course that would mean almost everyone on the planet would be on their knees. Slavery goes back to before 2050BC when the Code of Ur-Nammu list laws about slaves. Slavery has existed on every continent except Antarctica to one extent or another and over thousands of years.

  • The Vikings raped, pillaged and settled.  It was the Normans who enslaved the English (and later the Irish) people. Knee on the floor please Monsieur Macron (no, not on my neck).

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    Greengrocer's.  Are they selling enough apple's and pear's?

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